Have you been having trouble finding an open-minded therapist you connect with? Are you going through something that needs attention, and not sure where to seek help? Therapy can help you gain insight into persistent patterns and issues, connect some of the moving parts of your experiences, and guide you toward actualizing your full potential. I provide support to individuals looking for answers to problems impacting their lives -- I have extensive experience gender- and sexuality-affirming talk therapy to adults and adolescents, with most of my experience working with LGBQ individuals, trans and non-binary individuals, students, creative people, parents, sex workers (present or past), individuals processing loss, and helping professionals.

I utilize my experience working with folks from many different age groups and walks of life to inform my practice values. You won't find me sitting back and simply nodding as you bare your soul in session; I'm present, I'm actively listening, and I'm a real person with you in the room.  You are the vessel for your own change.

I am well aware that one size does not fit all for therapy -- my style is eclectic with a focus on relational and psychodynamic modalities. I tailor our work together to your unique strengths and needs. Whether you are looking to make sense of your past, foster healthier relationships, or break some hard habits, I provide a compassionate, supportive, and empathetic space where you can get comfortable knowing your authentic self. No issue is off-limits.

I draw from my experience as both a patient and a therapist to provide a non-judgmental and open environment. I believe we hold the answers to the problems we seek to solve, I look forward to speaking with you to discuss your goals and long term solutions.


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